November 13, 2012

easy sangria

sorry picture is a little blurry - easy sangria

We always love a good Sangria in this house!  We serve it often at parties and friends could never have enough of it. At the last party we had, I made 3 batches of it throughout the night. It was a party that started at 5:30 until the last guests left around 1:30am

It's a simple lemon-lime, red wine, frozen fruits and sherbet recipe. The frozen fruits and sherbet serve as ice to keep the drink cold. I do like to use Malbec or Sangiovese wines.  Both are medium to full bodied wines and offer a great flavor hint of various berries.   The best part about this Sangria is it doesn't have to sit for at least 24 hours before getting a great flavor. You can pretty much consume it instantaneously. Want a non-alcohol version?  Just remove the wine from the ingredients.  See I told you this is a simple recipe.

I did recently break my large jug (seen on the picture) so I'm searching for a replacement...

1 2-liter  lemon lime soda
1 bottle Malbec or Sangiovese wine
2 1/2 cups sherbet ice cream (my favorite is a Passion Fruit or Melon medley that I buy from Publix)
2 cups frozen fruits (berries, melons, etc)

Combine and stir all ingredients in a large jug.  Serve. 

Enjoy this SARAPLICIOUS! dish.

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